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Joyce Olivier (1952) was inspired to change her thinking when she saw that her thoughts and feelings created her experience of daily life. But it was only when she started to apply the teachings of ‘A Course in Miracles’ (ACIM) together with the use of constellations that real change started to occur. The study of ‘Science and Health’ led to a deeper understanding of the basic and fundamental laws of life which in turn allowed Joyce to be able to translate life situations into pure logic. As a result Joyce has learnt to master her circumstances.


Combined with her background and education in NLP, Transactional Analysis, QiGong, The Quantum Field, Family Dynamics, Healing & Bodywork, her personal journey has provided her with valuable knowledge and experience that she lovingly shares with each and every individual she works with.

Hugo Leemhuis (1980) has a natural curiosity for ‘sustainability’, ‘change & transformation’, ‘people’... He wants to know and understand how the world works. Why we do what we do and how can we make it better.


His personal journey started when he moved to Australia to study. A clear, set-out goal. Yes, he acquired a lot of knowledge but, as always, his experiences started to shift the way his life was going. In 2011 he moved back to the Netherlands with one big question mark. The set-out path towards a set-out life became very blurry and the urge to do something different took over.


In 2012 he embarked upon an intense personal journey and in 2013 he set out to put his educational background and his expertise on Life to creative use. He set up a business. Lunchroom TRUST - come as you are, pay as you feel, and discovered that community is the new business. Now he has put everything he knows together in order to inspire YOU. YOU are what the world is waiting for.


Mariella van Mackelenbergh (1981) born in Ottawa, Canada and raised all over the world, landed in Amsterdam in 2010 to plant her roots. Her education in Child and Family Studies, Applied Psychology, Family Dynamics, & Healing work combined with her knowledge and experience of the Quantum Field  has enabled her to fulfill different counselor, management, advisory and trainer positions specifically within the field of Child Development & Day Care as well as facilitating individuals (including parents, children & parents to be) in finding their Being and expressing it daily.


Her heart’s wish to find lasting inner peace and happiness set a journey of self exploration in motion and when worry, anxiety and stress were replaced with trust, creativity and inspiration, she knew for sure Life meant it this way.


This inspired her to translate her personal lifestyle to her professional lifestyle throughout her career and now to co-found and work with 'YOU'.

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