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YOU Academe

Module: trust makes Happy - € 75

The best skill to develop is trust. It's benefits for YOU are innumerable!

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Module: trust makes Happy - € 75


28 Apr 2019, 10:00 – 13:00

YOU Academe, Albert Cuypstraat 194, 1073 BL Amsterdam, Netherlands


‘The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them’

Ernest Hemingway

It can seem completely impossible and totally ridiculous. Trust someone?! The first rational reaction to a suggestion like this is often: ‘to do what?’ Or ‘based on what?’

Generally we don’t ‘just trust’. We need some kind of fact or figure to be able to execute such a skill onto somebody or something. They or it has to be ‘worthy’. But can we call that trust?

We don’t. ‘YOU Academe’ uses ‘trust’ as the acronym for ‘To Rely Upon Something bigger Totally’. This kind of trust goes beyond the conditional kind. Not because we think that everyone and everything should just be trusted. Blindly. (We don’t go standing on the highway and ‘just trust’ that all will be well). But because this kind gives the most freedom. Space. Peace of mind... Joy.

At YOU Academe you can learn how to access & apply this kind of trust. During the workshop ‘trust makes happy’ you will

  • Learn about the stages of trust
  • (Re)discover the trust in yourself
  • Gain the confidence to develop and use this valuable skill
  • Explore tools needed to apply it &
  • experience its primary benefit first hand.